NCAM 2016 Winners

3 rd NCIS Annual Research Meeting (NCAM) 2016

Day : Friday, 1 July 2016


Basic Science

Best Oral Presentation: Mr Leong Wei Zhong (CSI)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Dr Chelsia Wang Qiuxia (IMCB)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Mr Patrick Jaynes (CSI)
Best Poster Award: Dr Avinash Bahirvani (CSI)
Best Poster Award (Runner-up): Dr Fang Yiwen (CSI)

Translational Science

Best Oral Presentation: Dr Liu Bee Hui (CSI)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Mr Azad Saei (CSI)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Dr Tim Chan Hon Man (CSI)
Best Poster Award: Ms Jane Anthony (CSI)
Best Poster Award (Runner-up) &
Best Radiation Oncology Abstract: Dr Ivan Tham (Dept of Radiation Oncology, NCIS)

Clinical Science

Best Oral Presentation & Best Malignant Haematology Abstract:
Dr Koh Liang Piu (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up) & Best Medical Oncology Abstract:
Mr Nicholas Syn (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up):
Dr Yvonne Ang (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)

Best Poster Award: Dr Tan Chee Seng (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)
Best Poster Award (Runner-up): Ms Tang Si Ying (YLLSOM, NUS)

Nursing/Paramedical/Supportive Care

Best Oral Presentation: Ms Sally Ang (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Mr Kevin Lam (Dept of Psychology, NUS)
Best Oral Presentation (Runner-up): Ms Chua Shi Min (Dept of Psychological Medicine, NUH)
Best Poster Award: Mr Liu Jian Lin (Dept of Psychological Medicine, NUH)
Best Poster Award (Runner-up): Mr Peh Chao Xu (Dept of Psychological Medicine, NUH)

Junior Investigator Award:

Junior Investigator Award: Mr Nicholas Syn (Dept of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS)